How to get a crochet hat fit properly is not easy, especially when you crochet a hat as a gift. I found Anna Granger’s post of How to properly size crochet hats. Chart for correct sizing, including Magic Circle Sizes, that really helps me a lot. Here’s a simple sizing chart I made for myself. It’s not accurate but definitely a good reference.

Size Circumference Hat Height* Back of Head* Forehead* Jaw*
Baby 16” 6” 6.25” 7.25” 6.5”
Toddler 17”-18” 6.5” 6.75” 8.5” 7.25”
Child 19”20” 7” 7.5” 10” 8”
Teen 21”-22” 7.5”-8” 8.25” 11.75” 8.75”
Adult 23”-24” 8”-9” 9” 12.75” 9.5”

*Back of Head=Ear to ear behind the head, not included the ear

*Hat Height=Crown to bottom of ear

*Forehead=Ear to ear across the forehead, not included the ear

*Jaw=Ear to ear underneath the chin, not included the ear